WP4 - Management and dissemination

WP4 consists of four tasks for the management of the project and the dissemination of the results:

Task 4.1 Scientific and Financial Management (CERN & KEK): The management of the programme involves the organisation of programme events, managing the secondments of researchers and the financial planning, execution and reporting to the EU. 

Task 4.2 CERN & KEK Offices (CERN & KEK): Permanent offices at CERN and KEK will be set up, which will support the researchers during the duration of their secondment. 

Task 4.3 Communication (CERN & KEK): The Communication of E-JADE achievements experiences and results within the E-JADE programme will ensure most efficient sharing o knowledge and expertise of the seconded researchers. Annual meetings of all E-JADE participants will be organized as well as topical workshops.

Task 4.4 Dissemination (CERN & KEK): A program for dissemination of information from E- JADE will be setup. This involves setting up public web pages and social media accounts as well as providing information for media and general public. Also the publication of results in scientific journal articles and participation in international conferences will be monitored 



CERN and KEK participate in WP4. Work package leader is Steinar Stapnes (CERN).